We work endlessly in a quest to bring peoples attention to a rare condition Firstly. I'd like to introduce you to Lexii-Leigh, Whom I have the permission of the immediate family to represent today.

Lexii is just 6 months old and sadly she's been diagnosed with Gaucher's Disease Type 2.


This rare genetic disorder has, sadly at the moment no cure and Lexii is predicted to die before her second birthday. It Is believed that only one in every one hundred thousand (1:100,000) suffer from this terrible affliction and as such it is not widely known to us all.

Her distraught family have asked for help to make her time here a comfortable and happy one. Being the type of people they are they setup a justgiving page 60 days ago and left it whilst they tended lovingly to Lexii and it sat dormant until a friend of the family took the step of taking up the mantle of fundraiser and started pushing the page across social media opening a facebook group that has grown exponentially and now has over 1000 members in less than a fortnight.

I'd like to do something to help them and the Gaucher's society. I come before you a humble man to plead for your help in gaining recognition for the disease.

We are also raising money straight to her justgiving page:

to make it possible to get her a specialist wheelchair that's going to cost a minimum of £800 so she may see the world outside if only once with her family

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